Training In Sonography

There are many opportunities for one to prepare for work in the domain of diagnostic medical sonography. One may seek for education in colleges and universities, hospitals, vocational institutions and even the Armed Forces. Some of the available sonography training programs will require that the applicants have experience or studies in the domains of science and healthcare. Where high school graduates are concerned, those who followed classes of science and mathematics are preferred.

Still those who have been preoccupied with liberal arts will also be given attention to. The programs that are available at colleges and universities may last 2 or 4 years and finish in an associate or with a bachelor's degree. The offer is wider when it comes to two-year programs. Some of the subjects that are found in the curricula of these programs are: anatomy, physiology, the basics in physics, instrumentation. Since a sonographer works with people, sonography training includes courses of patient care and medical ethics. Responsibility for the accreditation of training programs comes to Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs. There are healthcare workers that will get sonography training due to financial and marketing reasons. They may be obstetric nurses or radiologic technologists for example.

Usually they will have to go through a one-year program and may get a certificate after completing it. Sonographers too may try to further specialize. They may seek competency in a certain type of sonography, like neurosonography, so further sonography training will be needed. After completing sonography training you should know that many employers prefer registered sonographers on their team, though no state requires a license in this field. Certificates for medical sonography are given by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). To register, two examinations must be passed: one regarding knowledge referring to general physical principles and instrumentation and one testing one's knowledge on a certain type of sonography.


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